Emma is an experianced bridal make-up & hair stylist, she is passionate about making all of her brides feel and look flawlessly beautiful. She uses techniques such as highlighting, colour correcting and complementary colours to ensure that she enhances your best features - not mask them. By using her extensive kit of professional products, Emma will ensure that you and your bridal party feel indulged and spoilt on your special day.

Styling your hair Emma can create classic up do's, vintage hair, voluminous and modern glamour styles, as well as boho chic (her personal favourite).
Emma's main focus is to ensure that you fall in love with every aspect of your look, She enjoys taking your initial ideas and creating a style you have always dreamed of.

Emma absolutely adores being a part of your wedding day preparations from start to finish. She loves creating a calm, relaxing and friendly atmosphere so that you feel completely at ease and can fully enjoy all the mornings pampering. 

Having worked with a wide variety of clients including, T.V. personalities, musicians, models and actors, Emma often works in time sensitive situation and highly pressured environment. This makes her the perfect choice to ensure you and your bridal party are complete within plenty of time, to the highest standard and ready to be photographed for the entire day.