It is hard to think of a time where I haven’t been fascinated with the transformative powers of cosmetics and beauty. Whilst studying beauty therapy , I found myself immediately at home with Makeup Artistry and became obsessed with creating natural, enhanced, beautiful, and technically perfect beauty makeup-which has ultimately lead me to the fun, creative and rewarding job I have today. 

With nine years working within beauty/cosmetic retail, fashion and media I have found no two days are ever the same when part of the glam squad! I feel very privileged to meet and be part of a some of the most exciting and special times in people's lives and this is never more relevant than a brides wedding day! The interesting and inspiring ladies, and occasional gents I meet are a huge part of the reason I love what I do so much. During my career I have been lucky enough to work for a variety of clients in T.V, commercials, fashion and beauty.

As well as my makeup colour obsession – It comes with the job description! – I will have to admit I am a little bit of a ingredient obsessive. It’s not uncommon for me to have several face masks on the go at once, all in the name of market research of course! I currently have 3 at the moment. If you haven’t heard of GlamGlow, you must stop all unnecessary tasks and google right now! Game- Changer. I believe great Makeup starts with great skincare and true to my beauty obsession I can’t help but get excited when clients share their new found beauty secrets, tips and tricks with me and I get to share mine too!